Flea pest control Sydney

End of lease flea pest control Sydney

Flea pest control SydneyFlea infestations usually come from the common cat and dog flea. Fleas will bite any warm-blooded animal like cats, dogs, people, chickens, rats, rabbits, ferrets and mice.

For every 5 fleas that are found on your pet cat or dog there can be up to 95 live fleas making home in your carpets or soft furnishings.

Flea bites cause small, swollen itching spots that contain a single puncture point in the centre. There are often a few bites next to each other and can often remain inflamed for several weeks. People have been known to have allergic reactions to flea bites.

Fleas can become a health concern as they can transmit diseases, including viral and bacterial diseases.

What do fleas look like?


  • Wingless insects
  • 5 to 3.3 mm in length
  • Usually dark in colour
  • Tube-like mouth-parts
  • Long legs

Where do fleas live?


  • Live on any warm-blooded animal
  • prefer to live on humans, cats, dogs
  • Can be found on shoes, pant legs, or blankets

How do I know if I have fleas?


The first signs of a flea infestation are bites that cause extensive scratching.

There are some simple tests that you can do at home t o check for an active flea infestation.

Method 1 – Wear white socks around the home, fleas usually get stuck to the socks

Method 2 – Place a few plates/trays of water with a drop of dish washing liquid around the rooms where you are being bitten. Leave in place for a few hours and if fleas are in those areas they will jump into the water.

Flea pest control Sydney





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