Pest Control Tips For Spring

Pest Control Tips for Spring

Pest Control Tips For Spring – The new season of Spring in Sydney is only a few weeks ago and many home owners will begin springtime cleaning both inside and outside getting their homes and yards ready to enjoy the warmer spring days.

Spring is not just a time for warmer weather, it is also a time where pests begin to wake up and may start entering your home.

While you are spring cleaning, don’t forget about things that you can do to help in preventing pests making your home theirs!



Pests usually make their way into your home from the external areas, these preventative steps will help ward off a pest infestation before it can become a problem inside your home.

1. Keep plants & mulch away from your home

Keep mulch away from the house &  plants, trees and bushes trimmed. This small adjustment will help prevent keep rodents, earwigs and many other insects that are attracted to flowers and leaves.

2. Tighten seals around doors and windows

Pests can easily can access to your home  through the smallest spaces and cracks as gaps around plumbing pipes, improperly sealed roof spaces, under window and also through various crawl spaces.

To ensure pests do not gain access to your home:

  • Fit screens to all windows
  • Repair Torn Screens
  • Repair holes or cracks
  • Seal holes to prevent mice, spiders and cockroaches from gaining entry.

3. Eliminate Sources of Still water

Pests such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes are attracted to containers that are filled with water.

To prevent moisture accumulating repair any leaking roofs soon as possible.

Check for:

  • Leaking Taps
  • Leaking Plumbling
  • Ensure gutters are clear of leaves and debris
  • Empty any vessel that could collect water



Once the external areas of the homes is secure there are a few things that  can be dome internally to prevent pests from entering the home.

1. Keep pet food and water off of the ground

If possible purchase pet food and water bowls that are elevated off the ground.  Pet food becomes an easy food source for rodents, ants and other insects.

2. Clear garages and attics all clutter

Pests such as spiders and silverfish create nests in cluttered areas. Cardboard boxes stored in the attic or garage is a preferred place for this pests to create their nests and webs.

Organise, clean and reduce the number of cardboard boxes you keep and maintain all storage areas.

Homeowners can reduce the risk of pest infestations during spring if you follow these simple pieces of advice.

If you would like to more about how you can protect your home visit Pest Busters , your leading & trusted providers in the pest control industry.

You can count on us that we will provide the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home or place of business is protected with Pest Busters Sydney.

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