Early warning signs of a pest infestation

What are the early warning signs of a pest infestation?

Pest Busters Sydney has put together a simple and easy to follow guide that you can follow to see the early signs of a pest infestation.

In any pest infestation early intervention is paramount in ensuring complete eradication.


  • Tiny faecal droppings, smudges from regurgitated food and egg cases.
  • The cockroaches themselves, particularly if disturbed at night by suddenly turning on the lights.
  • Cockroaches seen during the day may – but not always – indicate a large population.


  • Droppings, half eaten food, gnaw marks, odour and stains from their urine.
  • Physical damage to electrical cables, furniture, books etc


  • Webs or burrows/holes
  • Spiders

Wasps and hornets

  • The insects or the nests


  • Cats and dogs scratching, small bites around the ankles on humans.


  • Noise at night, odours.

 Birds and bird lice

  • The birds noise, nests and droppings.
  • Bird lice that migrate to humans will leave an itchy, painful rash.


  • Small bite marks in rows on the skin.
  • Minute, white eggs and adult bedbugs can be found in cracks and crevices such as in – springs of bed, in mattresses, furniture.
  • Sweet, musty smell.

Fabric pests

  • Damage to clothes, carpets, book bindings, linen etc.


  • Ant trails, ant nests.


  • The smell!
  • Flies

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Cockroach Pest Control SydneyAustralian Cockroaches  – American Cockroaches – German Cockroaches

Brown Banded Cockroaches – Oriental Cockroaches

Need Help with Cockroaches ?


Cockroach Pest Control Sydney – The most common pest found in homes & commercial properties, especially food premises. Cockroaches are the most despised and widespread pests known to humans.

Cockroaches are a high-risk pest to have in your home & business as their presence can cause diseases like salmonella, gastroenteritis and their droppings have been linked to childhood asthma.

Apart from the health risks, cockroaches to many homeowners are disturbing as their obnoxious odour can contaminate nearby food and belongings.

Cockroaches breed rapidly and are resilient. A quick response is essential to prevent cockroaches in your home or spreading to your neighbours.

What type of cockroach is this?


There are three common species mainly found in homes

Cockroach Pest Control SydneyGerman cockroach – light Brown in colour with 2 dark stripes on thorax. Adults are about 1/2 to 5/8-inch long and have wings, but rarely fly. It prefers moist environments such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom.


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Oriental cockroach – Dark brown to black in colour. 1 to 1-1/4-inch long and have non-functional wings incapable of flight. Females are about 1-1/4-inch long, broad and have only little pads for wings. It prefers cool, damp environments like drains, sewers and crawl spaces.

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Cockroach Pest Control SydneyAmerican cockroach – Reddish brown in colour and has a pale yellow area around the perimeter of the pronotum. These cockroaches tend to be found in dark, undisturbed areas that are high in humidity.

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Other types of cockroaches:


Cockroach Pest Control SydneyAustralian Cockroach – Dark reddish brown in colour with a yellow border on the area behind the head. They have light markings on the thorax and wings that cover the abdomen. They range from 30-35mm in length and tend to be found in dark areas that are high in humidity

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Cockroach Pest Control SydneyBrown Banded Cockroach–  Tan to light brown and has two light-coloured bands across the wings and abdomen. They are the smaller side of cockroaches ranging from 10-14mm & they tend not to be found in the daytime, since they avoid light.Cockroach Pest Control Sydney


How do I know if I have cockroach problem?


  • Live cockroaches – cockroaches are nocturnal and hide during the day. You will most likely see them when turning on the light in the kitchen at night
  • Egg cases and cast skins – cockroaches shed their skin 5-8 times as they mature.
  • Droppings – cockroaches leave a dust of black droppings less than 1mm wide and of varying lengths.
  • Odour – established cockroach infestations produce an unpleasant, musty smell.
  • Damage – cockroaches will attack organic goods including leather and books.

How are Cockroaches Eradicated?


Treating German cockroaches is different to the treatment for large cockroaches.

Pest Busters Sydney use a gel & non-repellent spray to eradicate German cockroaches. German cockroaches feed from the gel/paste & then carry it back with them to their nests. As cockroaches lick themselves clean they pass the chemical onto each other during this cleansing process.

Eradicating standard cockroaches is completed by using a spray to the internal and external areas & the application of powder/dust to the roof cavity and sub floor area.

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