Pest Control for Offices

Pest Control for Offices

There is no room for pests in the office. Office staff and visitors should not be greeted by creepy crawlies in the kitchen, bathroom or in the work area.

Need Pest Control for your Office?


Pests are a sign of irregular maintenance.

An active pest problem does not just impact your company’s reputation but also the perception of the level of care you maintain for your office staff.

What Pests Can Be Found In Offices?


What are the consequences of a pest infestation?


Some pests are damaging to the office property and the well-being of your office staff or visitors. Pests like cockroaches and rodents are known to carry and spread bacteria which can contribute to a variety of sicknesses and illnesses.

Office Employers do not have to abide by strict pest control regulations, as you would in a food establishment but unless they want to risk complaints from their office workers, it’s best to call Pest Busters Sydney to take care of your pest control needs.

What are the areas of the office most at risk?


The facilities most at risk during a pest invasion include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Electrical room
  • Structure of the office building
  • Storage Rooms

Why Choose Pest Busters Sydney?

Pest Control for Offices

Pest Control for Offices


With a Commercial Pest Control Plan from Pest Busters Sydney, you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your office building and staff and those you serve are protected from pests.

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Pest Control for Offices

Pest Control Services Sydney

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services Sydney

Residential Pest Control Sydney

Pest Control Services Sydney

Commercial  Pest Control Sydney

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Pest Control Services Sydney – FREE Pest Evaluation for commercial properties

Before we treat your pest problem, we’ll come and see it with our own eyes. We will use our expert knowledge to track down the problem & uncover the real cause of your pest infestation.

Pest Control Services Sydney – No lock in contracts!

Pest Busters Sydney does not believe you should be locked into a binding contract.

Note: If you require to be locked in for a period of time, we are more than happy to oblige

Pest Control Services Sydney – Maintenance Pest Control services

Your best choice for long-term freedom against pest infestation is to sign up for one of our maintenance  pest control contracts.

Available for residential homes & commercial properties, this service will keep your family safe, your customers comfortable.

We will take away the worry of when your last pest control service was completed. We will contact you when your pest control service is due and organise a date and time that suits you.


Pest Control Services Sydney – Pest Removal Services  

We specialise in all aspects of annoying and dangerous pests.

We can also help you with dead animals, birds nests, and more.

We offer all the pest control services you could want. Just contact us for information and to schedule a free evaluation.

Competitive Prices

Our rates, even our emergency pest control appointment services, are offered at low prices that are hard to find.


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Early warning signs of a pest infestation

What are the early warning signs of a pest infestation?

Pest Busters Sydney has put together a simple and easy to follow guide that you can follow to see the early signs of a pest infestation.

In any pest infestation early intervention is paramount in ensuring complete eradication.


  • Tiny faecal droppings, smudges from regurgitated food and egg cases.
  • The cockroaches themselves, particularly if disturbed at night by suddenly turning on the lights.
  • Cockroaches seen during the day may – but not always – indicate a large population.


  • Droppings, half eaten food, gnaw marks, odour and stains from their urine.
  • Physical damage to electrical cables, furniture, books etc


  • Webs or burrows/holes
  • Spiders

Wasps and hornets

  • The insects or the nests


  • Cats and dogs scratching, small bites around the ankles on humans.


  • Noise at night, odours.

 Birds and bird lice

  • The birds noise, nests and droppings.
  • Bird lice that migrate to humans will leave an itchy, painful rash.


  • Small bite marks in rows on the skin.
  • Minute, white eggs and adult bedbugs can be found in cracks and crevices such as in – springs of bed, in mattresses, furniture.
  • Sweet, musty smell.

Fabric pests

  • Damage to clothes, carpets, book bindings, linen etc.


  • Ant trails, ant nests.


  • The smell!
  • Flies

If you have found any of the signs listed above be sure to call Pest Busters Sydney on 1300 130 567 or contact us using the contact us form

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We offer pest services treating:

FREE Evaluation

Before offering you a competitive pest control quote we will discuss in detail what your pest issues and concerns are. We will use our expert knowledge to design a treatment program specifically designed to your needs based on your pest issues, surrounding areas and property type.

Pest Control Maintenance Program

Ensuring your place of business or home is pest free all year round we offer ongoing maintenance programs designed specifically for your needs.

We can take away the worry of when your last service was done by setting up a program and contacting you when your property is due.

Available for homes and businesses, this service will keep your family safe, your customers comfortable, and your property free of the damages that pest problems can cause.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are low in price that are hard to beat that does not compromise the service we are providing. Cheap in price does not mean cheap in service when it comes to Pest Busters Sydney.

Incentives for Choosing Pest Busters Sydney

  • Our Quality Assurance team ensures your satisfaction
  • Ongoing training for our entire staff
  • Fully licensed & insured
  • Locally-owned family company

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