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Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial Pest Control Services in Sydney


Our business keeps you in business


A single pest can bring a business to its knees. Whether it’s is a cafe, restaurant, warehouse, supermarket, school, or retail shop, you cannot risk a pest control problem. Commercial Pest Control Services are essential to ensure the safety of your employees and customers.

With a Commercial Pest Control Plan from Pest Busters Sydney , you will gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your company and those you serve are protected from pests.

commercial pest control services

Meeting Your Needs


No two pest problems are identical.

Under Pest Busters Sydney’s watch, our customised treatment plans will evolve to meet your needs.

Our partnership and Communication is made easy with a tailored log book which will contain:

  • Detailed service reports
  • Progress notes
  • Pest sightings
  • Equipment logs
  • Product MSDS
  • Other important documents

All records are stored in this one place to ensure everyone is on the same page.

When it comes to your business trust Pest Busters Sydney.

Commercial Integrated Pest Management


Commercial Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a common sense way for businesses to address pest problems.

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commercial pest control services


Your complete satisfaction with your commercial pest control services is our top priority. 

Why Choose Us for your commercial pest control services?


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Residential Pest Control Sydney

Residential Pest Control SydneyResidential Pest Control Sydney


Residential Pest Control Sydney – Pest control is not just about eliminating the pests you can see; it’s about the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property & loved ones are protected.

Whether you have cockroaches, ants, spiders, mice or mosquitoes, Pest Busters Sydney has got you covered.

Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee!

Protecting Your Family’s Health


Certain Insects and other pests are vital to our ecosystems. However, when they make your home their home, problems can arise.

Rodents and cockroaches are known to spread infectious diseases while flies spread harmful bacteria.

Spider bites & bee stings can be painful and in some cases lethal.

Under the care of Pest Busters Sydney you can get back to enjoying time with your family, knowing you’re protected from pest invasions.

Same Day On-Time Service


Pest Busters Sydney understands the urgency of any pest problem. When you call or email us, you’re immediately connected to a real person ready to help.

After hours, our pest control consultants & specialists are on call to ensure the most imperative situations are handled swiftly.

Pest Busters makes finding professional pest control services in Sydney an easy choice!

Our Promise To You


We believe in treating you the way we like to be treated. We’re interested in earning your friendship and trust.

We will only send the most skilled, experienced technicians to your home. We will tailor our services to meet your individual needs.

Residential Pest Control Sydney


Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. 

Why Choose Us?

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Pest Control Special

Pest Control Special
Sydney Rodent Pest Control Special

Rodent Pest Control Special

Rodents live in conditions that we would consider unhygienic like sewers & garbage areas.

No one would allow children to play in these places.

Yet homes across Sydney are being invaded by rats and mice, that travel through these unhygienic paths before entering your home.

With this in mind, and the current wet weather Sydney is experiencing, Pest Busters Sydney are offering an End Of Winter Rodent Special. 

Pest Control Special

 Houses $140 Inc GST*

 Units $90 Inc GST*

*If young children or pets have access to the external areas or the area under the house, safe baiting methods must be followed.

Lockable Bait Stations are charged at an additional $15 each per station. The average house would require approx 4 -5 lockable bait stations.

This offer is only available until the end of September

What is a lockable bait station?


ockable bait stations are an effective tool for controlling rats and mice. They are boxes which are used in areas that are accessible to pets or children. Lockable boxes will be suggested for any external baiting in which dogs, cats, wildlife or children can access the areas needed to be baited.

Lockable baits stations are specifically designed to prevent unauthorised access to baits, to stop the bait spilling out, ‘crumbs’ being carried away or baits being pulled out by mice and rats.

What are the benefits of using a bait station?


  • Baits are protected from dust & moisture
  • Provide a secure place for rats and mice to feed
  • Protect children, pets and wildlife away from baits
  • Allow for baiting in areas that would have been difficult without boxes (such as externally)
  • Prevent baits being spilt
  • Easy monitoring as technician can open boxes to examine the amount of feeding
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Allows safe baiting in public or food preparation areas
  • Safe for pets and humans
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You can count on us that we will provide the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home  is protected with Pest Busters Sydney.

For more information on this offer or to organise a booking call us on 1300 130 567 or email your preferred booking date and time to

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Pest Control Tips For Spring

Pest Control Tips for Spring

Pest Control Tips For Spring – The new season of Spring in Sydney is only a few weeks ago and many home owners will begin springtime cleaning both inside and outside getting their homes and yards ready to enjoy the warmer spring days.

Spring is not just a time for warmer weather, it is also a time where pests begin to wake up and may start entering your home.

While you are spring cleaning, don’t forget about things that you can do to help in preventing pests making your home theirs!



Pests usually make their way into your home from the external areas, these preventative steps will help ward off a pest infestation before it can become a problem inside your home.

1. Keep plants & mulch away from your home

Keep mulch away from the house &  plants, trees and bushes trimmed. This small adjustment will help prevent keep rodents, earwigs and many other insects that are attracted to flowers and leaves.

2. Tighten seals around doors and windows

Pests can easily can access to your home  through the smallest spaces and cracks as gaps around plumbing pipes, improperly sealed roof spaces, under window and also through various crawl spaces.

To ensure pests do not gain access to your home:

  • Fit screens to all windows
  • Repair Torn Screens
  • Repair holes or cracks
  • Seal holes to prevent mice, spiders and cockroaches from gaining entry.

3. Eliminate Sources of Still water

Pests such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes are attracted to containers that are filled with water.

To prevent moisture accumulating repair any leaking roofs soon as possible.

Check for:

  • Leaking Taps
  • Leaking Plumbling
  • Ensure gutters are clear of leaves and debris
  • Empty any vessel that could collect water



Once the external areas of the homes is secure there are a few things that  can be dome internally to prevent pests from entering the home.

1. Keep pet food and water off of the ground

If possible purchase pet food and water bowls that are elevated off the ground.  Pet food becomes an easy food source for rodents, ants and other insects.

2. Clear garages and attics all clutter

Pests such as spiders and silverfish create nests in cluttered areas. Cardboard boxes stored in the attic or garage is a preferred place for this pests to create their nests and webs.

Organise, clean and reduce the number of cardboard boxes you keep and maintain all storage areas.

Homeowners can reduce the risk of pest infestations during spring if you follow these simple pieces of advice.

If you would like to more about how you can protect your home visit Pest Busters , your leading & trusted providers in the pest control industry.

You can count on us that we will provide the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home or place of business is protected with Pest Busters Sydney.

For more information or a free quote specially designed to suit your needs call us on 1300 130 567 or contact us via our website

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Pest Control Tips

Bees & Wasps are attracted to water

Early Signs of a Pest Invasion

Sydney Pest Control

Pest Control Tips Sydney

Pest Control Tips


Pest Control Tips Sydney
Bee Pest Control Sydney
 Bees and Wasps are attracted to water.


Pest Control Tips Sydney – Both Bees and wasps need to collect water to carry back with them to their hives & nests to control the temperature inside the hive!

Some wasps are attracted to sweet drinks and ice blocks, so be alert when leaving these kinds of sweet attractions laying around as it can increase the risk of being stung.

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Spring Pest Control

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Food Service & Restaurant Pest Control in Sydney

Commercial Pest Control Sydney

Commercial Pest Control Sydney 

Restaurants, whether it be a dine in restaurant or a fast food outlet, are challenging premises to keep pest free, this is Due to the abundance of food that is kept onsite, thus becoming a popular attraction & destination for pests.

Pests such as cockroaches, mice & rats pose challenges for restaurants as once inside, they can contaminate food, and other issues such as electrical faults & structural damage.

Pest infestations in food premises can lead to published council warnings, fines; loss of customers & a damaged reputation which could lead to the closure of your café, restaurant or take away shop.

The good news is that Pest Busters Sydney has the expertise to ensure your pest issue is dealt with promptly & confidentially so that your restaurant remains pest free.

Pest Busters Sydney recommends that all restaurants and food establishments invest in a pest management program by a licensed pest control company.

We are committed to providing you with the support you need to prevent pest infestations which allows you to concentrate on the growth and success of your business.

Why Should I choose Pest Busters Sydney?

Pest Busters Sydney understands that any pest infestation no matter how small it may appear can be damaging to your food business.

We take pest management seriously, and we are confident that we can protect you and your business from the damage a pest infestation can cause.



You can count on us that we will provide the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home or place of business is protected with Pest Busters Sydney.

For more information or a free quote specially designed to suit your needs call us on 1300 130 567 or contact us via our website 

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Keep your loved ones safe from pest borne diseases

Are cockroaches dirty?


Do cockroaches carry diseases?


Are rats & mice dirty?


Do rats & mice carry diseases?


Can I get sick from rat & mice droppings?


No one likes the sight or the knowledge that there home has been invaded by pests, however it is not just their appearance that causes alarm to many home owners. Protecting your home from pests & pest borne diseases is a major part of keeping your loved ones safe, which is why it is essential that when you do have a pest issue you call in the experts rather than trying any DIY pest control. Pest Control technicians are trained to look for active and potential pest issues that could arise in your home.

Pests live in conditions that we would consider unhygienic like sewers & garbage areas… No one would not allow our children to play in these places!

With this in mind no one would want pests living in our homes spreading diseases they may be pick up from their environments

With our busy lives we can sometimes we forget just how unhealthy it is to have these pests sharing our homes.

It is for this reason we are going to mention a few pests and the impacts they can have on our loved ones, to ensure you are keeping a healthy living environment.


Many people consider cockroaches to be one of the ugliest pests around, however their appearance

Cockroaches are probably one of the worst offenders when it comes to causing illness and diseases. Cockroaches live and travel through sewers in their journey to your home. They enter the house via drains looking for food and a more comfortable living environment.

Cockroaches leave bacteria, pathogens and parasites as they scuttle across your floors, benches, inside your cupboards & near or on your food!

Cockroaches also leave droppings, urine and decaying bodies which break down and become particles of dust that we breathe which affects our lungs and causes allergies.

It has been proven that cockroach ‘dust’ is worse for asthma sufferers than normal dust, cat or dog hair.


Their appearance maybe less offensive in some people’s eyes but they are next in line when it comes to potential health risks.

Mice basically set up home inside your home and will constantly look around your home looking for food. Even if food is not readily available and sealed up tight they will still contaminate your home.

Mice dribble urine continuously, as they move around your home they are leaving drips of urine on all surfaces they cross.  This steady stream of urine means diseases they carry such as meningitis or salmonella are being left behind on your countertops, floors and inside the cupboards near or on containers, cans, shelves.

The scariest part of this is that as the urine dries almost immediate it is invisible to the naked eye, which means you could be cutting meat, vegetables, preparing baby bottles on urine stained surfaces.


The Bubonic Plague which killed over 50 million people in the 14th century was a disease that was spread by rats. Rats have strong and powerful teeth and will gnaw on pretty much anything to gain access to food and water.

There are several diseases which can be transmitted via rats

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
  • Lassa Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM)
  • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Plague
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis
  • South American Arenaviruses
  • Tularemia

Many of the these do not occur here in Australia however as overseas travel is common where these diseases can be a problem, it is essential that you are aware of the risks and take precautions to prevent contracting any of these illnesses. Knowledge is your best weapon, be aware, it just may save your life or that of your loved ones!

Diseases by rats can also be spread by inhaling evaporating rat waste. Be wary of droppings that are on dusty surfaces. There is a risk that illnesses can be spread through dust particles that become air borne during the cleaning phase.

What is the best way to clean up rat droppings?

Ensure you remove any rodent droppings as soon as possible using gloves and throw away all materials used to collect the droppings.

Place the droppings in a zip lock bag and dispose of immediately as there is a risk that diseases can be spread when dust in your home is contaminated by a rodent’s urine or droppings.

When it comes to rodents and the problems they cause, disease is one you really do not want to ignore. The tool to any rodent infestation is to be safe and responsible.

If you have a rodent infestation and need to clean up their droppings, air out the room and use a face mask. This will prevent you from breathing in any air borne illnesses associated with rodent droppings.

If you have a current rodent infestation, have it treated by a professional pest control. Pest Busters Sydney recommends waiting until you stop seeing activity or hearing noises then begin the cleaning process and seal up any entrance points.

Protect your loved ones with Pest Busters Sydney.

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You can count on us that we will provide the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home or place of business is protected with Pest Busters Sydney.

For more information or a free quote specially designed to suit your needs call us on 1300 130 567 or contact us via our website

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Rat Problems on the rise in Sydney

Pest Busters Sydney – Rats in Sydney

Rats in Sydney
Rats on the rise in Sydney

There is currently a problem with rats in Sydney and unfortunately the city is not alone. Suburbs throughout Sydney and Australia are all experiencing increased rat activity, and while there are many factors that are contributing to this problem the best way to decrease this type of activity is to provide tips on how to prevent rat infestations in and around houses and business

Rats in Sydney – Residents living in areas with known rat problems are concerned and rightfully so. Not only are these rats infesting abandoned homes, they are also becoming a nuisance around homes and buildings that are occupied and if left unchecked can cause a threat to the health of the people and their pets.

There are many reasons rats in Sydney may find a property appealing such as:

  • Unsecured rubbish bins
  • Pet food left outside
  • Bird feeders
  • Bird Aviaries
  • fruit & nut trees can also attract rats.

To successfully reduce the rat population home and business owners should be responsible for their own property which includes

  • Keeping lawns trimmed and clear of debris
  • Eliminating food sources
  • Blocking entrance points

At Pest Busters Sydney we understand that while this is a significant rat problem in and around Sydney and this is why we are encouraging everyone to learn how they can assist their community in the fight the against rats.

How can I Prevent Rat Infestations?

  1. Eliminate access to food
  • Keep garbage in metal containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Do not leave pet food outside for more than one hour.
  • Keep pet food in tightly sealed metal or glass containers not plastic
  • Remove bird and wildlife feeders.
  • Fallen fruits and nuts, including the pits of fruit trees, should be picked up daily.
  1. Eliminate hiding places and harbourages
  • Remove abandoned cars, furniture, and appliances.
  • Firewood & timber should be stored away from walls
  • Remove all overgrown brush, weeds, tall grass and plants that are near the house
  • talk and work with neighbours to prevent future rodent problems.
  1. Remove easy access to dwellings
  • Inspect the exterior of your home and garage for cracks and openings that a rat could squeeze through
  • Use a hardware cloth cover to prevent rats from entering through vents for crawl spaces, eaves, vent fans etc
  1. Rat Bait
  • Baits are best applied by professionals to ensure effective use and minimize risk
  • Always use lockable bait stations to reduce risk to children and pets.

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You can count on us that we will provide the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home or place of business is protected with Pest Busters Sydney.

For more information or a free quote specially designed to suit your needs call us on 1300 130 567 or contact us via our website

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Chemical Vs Non Chemical Pest Control

Chemical Control:

All pest control technicians must be licensed to use registered pesticides. All  technicians hired by Pest Busters Sydney will be qualified to handle, use & store pesticides correctly.

Your technician will be able to answer any questions that may arise about the chemicals that may be used.

For your convenience Pest Busters Sydney has included a list of MSDS sheets of the chemicals that are used by our company.

Most chemicals that are used on pests include Insecticides, rodenticides and herbicides.

The labeling on these products give very specific information regarding which pests it is registered to treat, the dosage & dilution rates required and first aid instructions.

Non- Chemical Control:

Natural pest control covers an array of simple things, which the home owner themselves can carry out.  Research has found that these methods can be as essential as chemical treatment.

Some methods include:

  • Eliminating food and moisture sources
  • Ensuring correct food storage
  • Ensuring correct rubbish disposal
  • Keeping rubbish bins clean
  • Keeping premises clean by regular vacuuming
  • Repair leaking pipes, inside and outside
  • Keep gutters & drains clean
  • Removal of weeds from the garden
  • Keeping the grass short
  • Keeping firewood and stacks of wood away from the house
  • Repairing of any cracks and holes in walls
  • Removal of overhanging branches that may give access to the house
  • Using glue boards that will help monitor the extent of the pest problem
  • Using traps such as flypaper, wasp and mousetraps

If you would like to consider non chemical methods for eradicating pests in your home please contact us today and we will provide you with step by step instructions on eradication.

Please note Non Chemical solutions are not possible for all pests, however your consultant will be able to provide further information. 

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Where do bedbugs come from?

What are Bed bugs?

Knowing you have bed bugs can be a traumatic experience, the knowledge that whilst you sleep something is feeding from your blood and waking up to find bites and rashes on your skin.

Many people who are bitten by bedbugs often find themselves waiting their turn at a Drs surgery to get relief from the allergic reaction from the bites and/or even to determine what is biting them.

We have found that many customers are not sure if they are being bitten by bedbugs, mosquitoes, fleas or some type of mite and probably over half of our customers have informed us they have visited the Dr to find out the cause of the rash, reaction or bites

Pest Busters Sydney does not take any chances when it comes to your residence or business.

What Attracts Bed Bugs?


Bedbugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breathe out, therefore even through the darkest hours of the night they are still able to find their feeding host!

Bedbugs are difficult to eradicate once they have found their way into your home.

It’s a common misconception that there is a relation to cleanliness when the truth is that any of us can get them at any time. It does not matter how clean your home is, as bedbugs do not discriminate on the cleanliness of your house or business, some of the top hotels in the world have found themselves under attack from bedbugs.

Bedbugs simply travel from place to place and they don’t discriminate based on how clean or dirty you are.

Bedbugs have been found on trains, cabs, in cars, in homes, offices, hotels & schools.

While, it’s important to maintain a clean environment to prevent ample hiding places, it has nothing to do with getting them in the first place.

Pest Busters Sydney do not recommend trying DYI treatments as it is a process that can be stressful, tedious and chances are you will not be able to find all of them or their eggs, which means the infestation will continue.

Bedbugs have very agile bodies that can slide into the tiniest crevices in your home, such as around your kitchen, around your baseboards near your bed and even in the cracks in your floor.

They can virtually be anywhere and they can live for an entire year without food, which makes them extremely difficult to deal with.

DO NOT Prolong the treatment of bedbugs as a small infestation can quickly grow into a larger one.

 What is the LIFE CYCLE of a bedbug?


The life cycle of a bedbug changes & the smallest bedbug can latch onto your clothing, crawl inside your bag or laptop and hitch a ride to a new location.

Bedbugs can often go unnoticed until there is a more severe problem when people are waking with bites and start to see blood splatters on their sheets.

bedbug pest control sydney

Where can bedbugs be found?


As bedbugs can be picked up just about anywhere it is important to know the common places that could be exposed to a bedbug infestation

  1. Airports
  2. Hotel rooms
  3. College Dorm rooms
  4. Used furniture which has been exposed to bedbugs
  5. Sleeping in someone’s bed
  6. Overseas visitors staying over
  7. Students regularly moving from one premises to another

Where should I check if I think I have bedbugs?


If you believe you may have bedbugs you should inspect the areas marked in the image below looking for:

  • Rusty or reddish stains on bed sheets or mattresses
  • Dark spots, similar in size to this dot • which are bed bug excrement and may bleed on the fabric like a mark from a permanent marker or texter
  • Eggs & egg casings, which are about 1mm, pale yellow skins that baby bed bugs shed as they grow larger.
  • Live bed bugs

bedbug pest control sydney

Pay Special Attention to:

  • The seams of the mattress, chairs and couches, between cushions, in the folds of curtains.
  • Mattress Base – Bed Joints especially where the bedhead and side rails meet – Bed slats – Bed legs etc
  • In drawer joints
  • In electrical outlets & appliances.
  • Under loose wall paper and wall art/pictures
  • Where the wall and the ceiling meet
  • Where the wall and floor meet

For more information about bedbugs:


You can count on us that we will provide the confidence and peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home or place of business is protected with Pest Busters Sydney.

For more information or a free quote specially designed to suit your needs call us on 1300 130 567 or contact us via our website

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